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Recurring Cleans


Meet Your Housekeeping Needs

Whether weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, we can work with your schedule and meet your housekeeping needs. Our most popular service is our bi-weekly cleaning. We help maintain the demanding nature of owning a home by providing full bathroom and kitchen cleans, dusting, floors, and more!  All of the cleaning supplies are provided in the quote.

Each clean will be with the same cleaner every time. This enables you to build trust and a relationship. We also stick to a strict schedule so that it will be the same time/ same day for each cleaning.

Options for recurring house cleaning: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly

Here is what is included:

Light dusting of woodwork (trim, baseboards, molding)

Dusting of furniture, walls, ceiling, light fixtures

Light organization

Full bathroom clean

Full kitchen clean

Bedrooms, living room, offices, etc (dusting, mopping, vacuuming) 

Vacuum & mopping of entire space


The price depends on the square footage of the space and the status of the house.


We will have someone out for a walk through before the first cleaning.


We have a $160 minimum for our housekeeping services.

$45 fee for 24 hour or less cancellation policy. We try our best to reschedule but often cannot accommodate due to volume. 


Additional fee for first-time cleans. First time always takes longer to give the house a good restart before recurring cleans.

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Book Your Housekeeping

We are proving all types of residential housekeeping solutions for every home.

Modern Equipment

Bags are better! We use top of the line vacuum cleaners with bags that have a four layer filtration to ensure we suck in everything, and leave nothing.

Expert Cleaners

At Jillian's Housekeeping we prioritize quality, not quantity. The same cleaners, each time. You know them, they know you, and your expectations. 

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Dedicated Services

Nothing is more frustrating than having your cleaners not show up or cancel at the last minute. We show up on the days and times we committed to, every time. 

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